Centre of TCM Preventive Medicine

 Centre of TCM Preventive Medicine


The Centre of TCM Preventive Medicine of University Hospital is located on level 5 in the TCM clinic. Preventive Medicine promotes three important principles of health:

  • Boost immunity to prevent sickness
  • Manage sickness to prevent getting serious
  • Manage health to prevent sickness reoccurrence

The specialized team formed by TCM doctors provides one-stop customized health enhancement programs and TCM beauty services at the centre, with the application of TCM theory and a variety of TCM therapies including acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, scraping, meridian, acupoint massage, etc, to achieve different wellness goals.


Physical Assessment

Thorough examination of individuals’ current health status and potential risks with the integrations of professional TCM knowledge and advancement in technology. Assessment sections include health history and questionnaires, eagle eye instrumentation, and blood microanalysis.


24 Solar Terms Health Management

In ancient China, the equilibrium between nature and human bodies had long been emphasized. It is believed that one’s physical and mental health status are influenced by the change of seasons, climate, and social factors to different levels. For this reason, our TCM doctors customize effective TCM therapies including Dietary Prescription, Manipulation, Acupuncture, and Moxibustion, according to the transition of 24 solar terms in lunar calendar and the personal health condition of each individual, restoring the body constitution balance to optimal level and support long-term vitality.


Therapy Details Price
Dietary Prescription TCM Consultation with 5 days herbal medications/soup $400
Manipulation TCM Consultation and Tui Na Therapy $400 - $500
Acupuncture TCM Consultation and Acupuncture Therapy $290 - $520
Moxibustion TCM Consultation and 4 treatments $750


TCM Beauty

Based on TCM theory that promotes natural wellness and beauty, TCM doctors utilize Chinese herbal medication and facial acupuncture technique to nourish internal organs and improve the flow of Qi which is essential to skin elasticity and body shape.


Particulars Details Price
Dietary Prescription TCM Consultation with 5 days herbal medications/soup $400
Facial Acupuncture TCM Consultation and Treatment $370 - $470