Types of Room for In-patient

in-patient 01

VIP Room

Per day: MOP2,200
Deposit: MOP10,000(Deposit)
Facilities including: Living room
Telephone and Free WiFi
in-patient 01

Private Room

Per day: MOP1,200
Deposit: MOP8,000(Resident)
Facilities including:

Telephone and Free WiFi

in-patient 01

Semi-private Room

Per day: MOP600
Deposit: MOP5,000(Resident)
Facilities including:

Shared bathroom
Shared television
Telephone and Free WiFi

(1) The above standard charges are applicable to: Macau ID card holders, Non-resident Worker’s card holders, and students with valid local student cards.
(2) Other patients outside the above categories are charged as “Non-local Resident”, please click here for details.

  1. We provide private rooms and semi-private rooms. Room reservation will be on first come, first served basis.
  2. Please present the Admission Letter signed by your doctor(s) and valid Identification Card/passport. If you are under age of 18, your parents/guardians need to bring along your Certificate of Birth/any other valid documents for identification. Your parents/guardians have to sign the operation consent form if operation is indicated.
  3. Please bring along and present your examination reports or prescriptions (if any) for admission.
  4. You are required to pay deposit for hospitalization. Deposit can be only paid either by cash / credit card. Cheque is not accepted.
  5. If you are privileged to UH discount/reimbursement offered by (insurance) companies, please inform our staff and submit the documents when check in. Submission of related documents after discharge is not accepted.
  6. Please understand clearly the compensation terms of your insurance company and show your insurance card / insurance letter / reimbursement form when check in.
  7. For patients who want to apply for sick leave certificate and/or medical certificates, please inform nurses or doctors during the admission.
  8. When patient is allowed to discharge by doctor, Pharmacy and Cashier will prepare prescription and bill accordingly. The whole process takes time around 1~1.5 hours. When the documents are ready, patient will be asked to go to 1/F cashier for bill settlement.
  9. After settled the payment, please return to the ward and present the receipt to nurses. Patients should collect their medication andreports before leaving hospital.
  10. Please check the belongings before leaving hospital, UH does not responsible for keeping the remains.
  1. Fee for inpatient: Stay in hospital for less than 1 day (24 hours) one day, in patient charge will be levied. Discharge before 12 noon on the day, no charge will be levied for the day. Discharge between 12 noon and before 18:00, half a day charge will be levied. Discharge after 18:00, one day charge will be levied for the day.
  2. In patient charge only cover accommodation and facilities of room; all other charge such as pathology, radiology will be charged according to grading of the room.
  3. Hospital charges are payable every 3 days and can be settled by cash or credit card. Cheque payment is not accepted.
  4. The charges for medical consultations, surgeon's fee as well as anaesthetist’s fee should be agreed between you and attending doctor(s).
  5. A charge will be levied for all request of certificates, report etc.
  6. Surcharge is levied for emergency use of the operating theatres. Please ask your attending doctor or hospital staff for details.
  7. Please contact our staff for charges on different services and items.
  8. Clients are not entitled to double discount.
  9. Charges are subject to change without prior notice.
  10. Please keep the deposit slip to arrange refund of deposit when settle the hospital bill.
  1. Visiting hour is from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily. For patients' sake, please leave the ward after the visiting hour.
  2. To maintain a quiet environment and to minimize cross infection, only two visitors are encouraged at one time. (Children under age of 12 are not allowed to visit the patient in wards)
  3. In order to minimize the disturbance to other patients, please keep noise down.
  4. You are advised not to bring large amount of cash or valuables to the hospital. The hospital will not be responsible for any loss.
  5. The overnight stay of a companion after 10 p.m. will be charged, no matter whether a companion bed is used or not.
  6. Patient should gain for doctor's permission and sign confirmation before leaving the ward.  Please note that for any absence away from the ward of more than one hour without notification to our staff, the hospital will mark on the medical record which may affect your hospital insurance claim. The bed will be reserved for the patient and the charges will not be reduced.
  7. Patients are allowed to change their room types, depending on the bed availability. An administration fee will be charged for each arrangement. However, the doctors' charges may vary with class of accommodation, please discuss any intended accommodation change with your attending doctors.
  8. Smoking and gambling are prohibited in the hospital environment.
  9. In order to avoid interference with medical equipment, please turn off mobile telephone when you are in hospital premises.
  10. Tips to staff are strictly Prohibited. 
  11. For any advices or comments, please contact our duty nurse or Promotion Office at 8897-2089.
  1. Catering Service
    Hospital provides dining service and charges are subject to meal selection. Our dietitian is available to give you advice by the request of your attending doctor.
  2. Sundries
    Distilled water, slippers, towel, pajamas and toiletries are available as free service.
  3. Dial '9' for outside line.

    •  Dial ‘0' for the operator to arrange for long distance calls. Additional administrative fee will be charged.
    •  Telephone and television sets with remote control are available for your use for free. All rooms have broadband connection.