“Zhi Wei Bing” (Preventive Medicine)

Prevention of Potential Diseases Makes Healthy Life!

“Zhi Wei Bing” is an ancient Chinese medical terminology, which literally means making preventive health planning before one contracts diseases. Our services target at healthy people based on this doctrine. After assessment of the health conditions of each client through consultation and examinations, our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners will formulate a personalized health guide or treatment plan.

Prevention of potential diseases
Prevention of changes
Prevention of re-occurrence

Categories of clients:
1. Healthy persons with no medical history
2. Clients with signs of minor illness  
3. Persons complain of physical lethargy but with normal laboratory result
4. Persons with laboratory result at borderline level but not conclusive diagnosis
5. Persons with stable chronic diseases and who need to prevent complications
6. Persons who are post recovery and prevent remission
Program includes:
Physical Check -> Consultation -> Treatments

Physical Check
Once you book an appointment, you will undergo a combination of Chinese and Western Medicine technology to ascertain potential disease.


According to the Physical Check result, our specialist will advise you how to avoid health threatening factors; adjust psycho condition and balance your diet and physical exercises to achieve a healthy life, with some Traditional Chinese Medicine if necessary.


Beside body, foot massage and an assortment of acupuncture therapy, there will be also Traditional Chinese Medicine dressing and Traditional Chinese aromatherapy; body soaking with Chinese herbal medication to attain body equilibrium.

10 Categories of physical condition:

1. Healthy
2. Shortness of breath
3. Pale
4. Afraid of coldness
5. Feeling hot inside
6. Dysmenorrheal
7. Sweaty
8. Mouth dryness
9. Inability to adapt to any psychological irritation
10. Congenital diseases

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